Drive Components



Analogue Products

For warranty period on the following products, please refer to the Standard Terms & Conditions

AC Drives

DC Drives

Puma - Simple low cost drive
Cheetah - Simple low cost drive
Lynx - Simple low cost drive
4Q2 - Regenerative drive

AC Servo Drives & Motors

MiniAx & MM55 - Compact Servo
Unimotor UM/SLM - High performance/DriveLink

DC Servo Drives & Motors

Maestro - Accurate low cost
Matador - Compact and dynamic

Motion controllers
Soft Starters


Filters - EMC Compliance
Industrial Feedback devices - Tachogenerators
Fan Cowlings - Improves Servo Motor Performance

Servo Cable Accessories - EMC Compliant Cables
Remote I/O - Remote I/O and Bus Coupler

FXM5 - Field Controller for Mentor II

Commissioning Software 
Advanced Software

Digital Products

For warranty period on the following products, please refer to the Standard Terms & Conditions

AC Drives

Unidrive SP - Solutions Platform
Unidrive V3 - Universal & Intelligent Closed/Open Loop Inverter
Unidrive VTC - Energy Saving Fan & Pump Inverter
Unidrive LFT - Lift and Elevator Drive
Commander SK - Simple Compact and Powerful
Commander SE - Simple & Easy to use Open Loop Inverter
Commander GP - Simple yet Flexible Open Loop Inverter
DC Drives

Mentor - Digital Drive

AC Servo Drives & Motors

Unidrive SP - Solutions Platform
Unidrive V3 - Multipurpose AC Servo
M'Ax - High performance DriveLink
MultiA'x - Three axis servo
Epsilon - High Performance Servo
E-Series - High Performance Servo

DC Servo Drives & Motors

Motion controllers

MC Series - Dynamic and Versatile 

Soft Starters

CTStart - Powerful Digital Electronic Starter


Universal keypad CTIU - Operator Interface


SM-PROFIBUS-DP - Profibus fieldbus
SM-DeviceNet - DeviceNet fieldbus
SM-CANopen - CANopen fieldbus
SM-INTERBUS - Interbus fieldbus
MD24 - Profibus -DP Interface for Mentor II
MD25 - Devicenet Interface for Mentor II
MD-IBS - High Speed Communications
MD29AN - High Speed Communications
UD71 - Serial Communications Module
UD73 - Profibus Interface for Unidrive/VTC
UD74 - Interbus Interface for Unidrive/VTC
UD75 - CT Net Interface for Unidrive/VTC
UD76 - Modbus Plus Interface for Unidrive/VTC
UD77 - DeviceNet Interface for Unidrive
CTNet - High Speed Fieldbus Solution
CTNet-to-PCMCIA/PC-ISA Interface Card - Interfacing of CT Net to host computer
CTNet – Repeaters, Links and Active Hubs - Cable Maximisation
CAN Interface for Unidrive/VTC


SM-Keypad - LED keypad
SM-Keypad Plus - LCD keypad
SM-Applications Lite - PLC without CTNet
SM-Applications - PLC with CTNet
SM-SLM - SLM interface - future
SM-Encoder Plus - Additional incremental encoder feedback
SM-Universal Encoder Plus - 2nd universal encoder feedback
SM-Resolver - Resolver feedback
SM-I/O Plus - Extended I/O
I/O Box
UD50 - Extended I/O Module
UD51 - Second Encoder Feedback Module
UD52 - Sin/Cos Encoder Module
UD53 - Resolver Feedback
UD55 - Cloning Module
UD70 - Applications Module
UD78 - High Performance Servo Module
MD29 - Applications Card for Mentor II

Commissioning Software

CTSoft - Commissioning Software
UniSoft - Unidrive Commissioning Software
MentorSoft - Mentor Commissioning Software
VTCSoft - VTC Commissioning Software
Commander SE Soft - Commander SE Commissioning Software
Systemwise - Visualisation Tool
M’Ax Soft - M’Ax Commissioning Software

Advanced Software

SyPT Workbench - Programming Tool for SM-Apps.
SyPT Lite - Programming Tool for SM-Apps. Lite and On-board Ladder Logic
CT32 - Easy SCADA