Water and Wastewater

High efficiency pump control systems

Water companies are under unprecedented pressure from rising energy costs as well as legislative and climate change. Developing strategies to reduce operating costs whilst optimising the performance of assets is critical. Control Techniques provide new solutions to enhance connectivity, reduce energy consumption, minimise downtime and to react intelligently to real problems as they occur.

Optimised drive solutions for the Water industry

As market leaders in intelligent drives, Control Techniques’ drives present a new approach to managing your assets. Our products combine high reliability, compact size and the flexibility to incorporate additional functionality such as intelligent pump control, I/O for instrumentation and TCP/IP based telemetry solutions within the drive.

Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control drive system

Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) system delivers measurable improvements in pumping reliability, up-time and performance. In real installations it significantly reduces the costs associated with operating these assets while improving throughput and availability.

Solutions to real problems

A long standing pumping problem suffered by water companies is that of ‘ragging’, the fouling of pump impellers in waste water systems. Manually clearing the problem is a costly and unpleasant task requiring a maintenance team and frequently a crane. Downtime may extend to several days during which time the back-up systems are under additional pressure. A total system failure can result in effluent leakage with implications for the environment, human health, clean-up costs and breaches of legislation. Control Techniques’ IPC system accurately monitors pump performance by “live” continuous measurement of torque producing current, plus flow and pump speed where appropriate. The live data is compared to measured values taken during commissioning, plus expected pump profile characteristics. Due to the precise nature of the pump monitoring programme, any “out of profile” performance feedback triggers an early warning indication of potential pump ragging/blocking. This initiates an automatic drive based cleansing cycle programme to help clear the pump impeller. The system is also able to schedule real time pipe scouring cycles, detect deteriorating flow and potential impeller wear.


Reducing energy costs and improving processes

Installing variable speed drives to control pump flows to match operational demand, can significantly contribute to a reduction in energy consumption and improve process control. In some applications, intelligent systems are able to further reduce energy costs by operating during off peak tariffs. Control Techniques drives provide a kWh reading to allow the energy savings to be easily monitored.

Water and waste treatment plant

High performance drive products

Unidrive SPUnidrive SP
0.37kW – 1.9MW
200V / 400V / 575V / 690V

Unidrive SP is Control Techniques’ flagship AC solutions drive, covering the complete power range and offering maximum onboard intelligence and communication flexibility.



Commander SKCommander SK
0.25 kW – 132kW
100V / 200V / 400V / 575V / 690V

Commander SK is Control Techniques’ simple,low cost drive solution covering a wide part of the power range. Commander SK provides a simple user interface with only 10 settings required for the majority of applications.