Steel Steel

Steel Manufacture

The Metal Industry in South Africa

The metal industry in South Africa is a high quality industry. The fluctuations in the supply and demand of the metal industry are indicative of the infrastructure development in South Africa.

Metal products in the South African marketplace:

  • Stainless Steel flat rolled products
  • Mild Steel both section and flat rolled products
  • Aluminium flat rolled products

Emerson in the Metal Processing Industry

Control Techniques South Africa, a division of EMERSON Industrial Automation, provides many solutions and products for the Metal industry within South Africa. Two of our largest customers include Highveld Steel and Columbus Stainless.

Control Techniques can offer competitively-priced products and complete design solutions that are well-suited for the applications in which they are used. The Control Techniques variable speed drives are robust and reliable and are suited to withstand the harsh environment of the metal industry which contains both a ferrous and gaseous atmosphere from the steel manufacturing processes.


Control Techniques are able to offer a wide range of solutions to their customers in the metal industry. They have supplied both individual drive and complex system solutions for fully-automated processes. Some of the solutions that have been installed in the metal industry are:

  • Tension control utilising the AC regenerative package on Bridles and Roller tables
  • Ladle tilting controls for BOF steel making.
  • Strander controls for continuous casting
  • Kiln drive controls for the iron-making process
  • Crane controls for all axes
  • Steel process and finishing lines from uncoil to recoil
  • Shaking ladle controls for separating iron from vanadium
  • Steel transfer cars
  • Helper rolls on strip processing lines

Product Solutions

Control Techniques offers a complete range of variable speed drives solutions for both AC and DC applications in the metal processing industry and have successfully converted many old machines from DC to AC.

AC Drives - Unidrive SP, Commander SK

DC Drives - Mentor II, New Mentor MP