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Heating,Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

HVACR systems can play several roles to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. The primary function of HVACR systems is to provide healthy and comfortable interior conditions for occupants.

Well-designed, efficient systems do this with minimal non-renewable energy as well as low air and water pollutant emissions.

HVAC is often used to refer to these styles of applications, with the “R” for refrigeration not being used in many cases. HVACR is also referred to as “climate control” as in many buildings the primary function is to maintain and regulate the environmental conditions.

Air Handling Unit

Emerson and HVACR solutions

Emerson is the world leader in providing a vast array of products and services dedicated to HVACR customers. Emerson pioneered the AC ventilation business in 1895 when it introduced the first AC electric ceiling fans.

Innovative design, engineering excellence and quality products have made Emerson the longest continuous manufacturer of ceiling fans and motors. These attributes and Emerson’s value proposition to customers—“Consider it solved,” have grown Emerson into a $20 billion company with over 60 divisions serving consumers and industry worldwide.

Several of Emerson’s divisions are key suppliers to the global HVACR industry.

Customer solutions

The wide variety of the HVACR field has given rise to a range of professionals who provide solutions at all different stages of HVACR projects. From contractors who may require start-up guidance through to BMS (Building Management System) System Integrators who work together with Control Techniques for integrated product development, Control Techniques supports all HVACR customers.

Control Techniques offers specific support to these various groups to meet their needs.

  • ConsultantsFan
  • Contractors
  • Building owners
  • Building operators
  • OEMs
  • System Integrators


Product solutions

To solve the requirements of the varied HVACR market a manufacturer must be able to ensure that there are products that fit all parts of the market. Control Techniques offers both a dedicated HVACR drives range (Affinity 0.37kW to 132kW) as well as standard range (Commander SK 0.25kW to 132kW). With two offerings the customer has the choice to have a wide range offering for basic motor control or use a dedicated HVACR drive.

The Affinity range has features such as in-built BACnet and Metasys N2 profiles as well as functionality such as Fire mode operation.

The following links take you to dedicated links detailing the product series, features and options:

Affinity and Commander SK Product Ranges

HVACR applications

The HVACR market is quite vast and there are numerous applications and ways in which drives are used to help provide better and more efficient climate controlled solutions. From the simple use of a drive with a fan to provide direct energy saving through to use in dedicated segments such as cold storage rooms, Control Techniques and Emerson have the experience and knowledge to help provide the best solutions.

Key application areas include:

  • General energy saving 
  • Pumps
  • Fans (VAV – Variable Air Volume)
  • Refrigeration