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Control Techniques Solutions Software are programmes that have been developed to solve a range of common industrial drive applications, they embed years of knowledge and make full use of our high-performance drive option modules. The following Solutions Packages are available:

  • Winder (Coiler)
  • Sectional Control for web conveying
  • Flying Shear
  • Duty Assist

Solutions software offers users major benefits:

  • Total solution saving you a significant amount of development time and cost
  • Professionally written and tested and then proven in the field, minimising the risk of commissioning delays and subsequent problems
  • Feature rich, providing flexibility to address the widest range of applications
  • Fully documented, engineers with a good understanding of the application are able to commission the machine
  • SM-Application and MD29 option modules fit within the drive footprint and so require no additional panel space or power supplies
  • Optimum performance, application software is able to access all drive parameters and control loops are synchronised with the drives speed and current loops