Digistart CS Digistart IS


Soft starters for 3 phase induction motors

7.5 to 800kW (18 to 1600A)

200V, 400V, 575V, 690V


Digistart CS and IS Communications Options

Name Description
Modbus Interface Modbus RTU Interface
Ethernet Interface Ethernet Interface (available early 2010)
PROFIBUS Interface PROFIBUS DP Interface
DeviceNet Interface DeviceNet Interface
USB Interface USB Interface

 Digistart CS Options

Name Description
Digistart CS - Remote Keypad IP54 rated, panel mountable keypad and display for soft starter operation and monitoring.
Digistart CS - Pump Apps Module Provides 3 digital inputs that can be configured to detect low pressure,high pressure and low water levels. A PT100 input is available for monitoring pump temperature. If any unwanted system conditions occur, the soft starter will trip thus preventing damage.
Digistart CS - Finger Guard Kit
This option also reduces the need for other external equipment, simplifying system design and requirements.
Finger guards are available to provide IP20 protection for models CS3x140
to CS3x200.

Digistart IS Options

Name Description
Digistart IS - Keypad mount kit This allows the keypad to be remote mounted up to 3m from the soft starter. When panel mounted the keypad is IP65 rated.
Digistart IS - Fingerguard Finger guards are available to provide IP20 protection for models IS2x0145B to IS2x0220B
Digistart IS - I/O Expansion Provides additional 2 x digital inputs,
3 x relay outputs, 1 x analog input and
1 x analog output.
Digistart IS - RTD & GND Fault Card The RTD (resistive temperature device) and GND (ground fault protection) card provides additional 6 x PT100 RTD inputs and 1 x ground fault input.
Digistart IS - Volt Measure Card Allows real-time monitoring of mains voltage, eliminating the need for external devices. The volt measure card also enables under-voltage and over-voltage protection.