Digistart CS Digistart IS


Soft starters for 3 phase induction motors

7.5 to 800kW (18 to 1600A)

200V, 400V, 575V, 690V


Digistart is Control Techniques’ flexible soft starter range for motor control and protection in constant speed applications. The Digistart range combines advanced control features with simple installation and commissioning. Digistart forms an integral part of our comprehensive product range which covers all of your motor control needs. Digistart can be used in a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Material handling
  • Machinery automation
  • Mining and aggregate
  • Forestry

Benefits of using a soft starter

Soft starters are a simple and economic method of controlling AC motors for fixed speed applications. Traditional methods of starting motors such as direct-on-line (DOL) or star-delta result in increased machine wear through rapid acceleration and very high peak currents. Soft starters solve this problem through controlling the acceleration and deceleration phases of operation.

Control Techniques’ Digistart family offers two levels of functionality to meet all your soft starter requirements.

Digistart CS Digistart CS

Digistart CS is a compact soft starter for motors up to 110kW (200A). The Digistart CS offers comprehensive motor protection features and is quickly commissioned using simple rotary switches.

Digistart IS

Digistart ISDigistart IS is an intelligent soft starter offering
many advanced features for motors up to 800kW (1600A). These features include ‘Adaptive control’ which provides an unprecedented level of acceleration and deceleration control, and an intuitive plain language display for configuration.