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Our simple, flexible product lines make choosing the right drive very easy. For more demanding solutions our engineers, located within our Drive Centre and Reseller network, are available to discuss your needs and provide advice.   

0.25 kW - 1.2 MW Unidrive M - AC and Servo Drive Family for Manufacturing Automation
Commander SK 0.25kW - 132kW Commander SK - General purpose AC drive
Unidrive SP 0.37kW - 1.9MW Unidrive SP - High performance AC drive
Affinity 1.1kW - 132kW Affinity - HVAC/R Drive for building Automation
Digitax ST 0.72Nm to 18.8Nm (56.4Nm Peak) Digitax ST - General purpose machinery servo drive
Mentor MP 25A - 7400A Mentor MP - High performance DC drive
Digistart 7.5 to 800kW (18 to 1600A) Digistart - Soft starters for 3 phase induction motors
Servo Motors 0.75Nm - 73Nm Servo Motors - Unimotor fm
Unimotor fm Fan Blown 5.2 Nm - 68.0Nm Servo Motors - Unimotor fm Fan Blown
Unimotor hd 0.72Nm to 85.0Nm (255.0Nm peak) Servo Motors - Unimotor hd
AC Motors   AC Motors
DC Motors   DC Motors
Photovoltaic   Photovoltaic Grid-Tie Inverters
Intelligence   Intelligence Option Modules
Communications   Communications Option Modules
Feedback   Feedback Option Modules
I/O Modules   I/O Option Modules
Software   Software Tools


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