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Global Engineering & Development

The key to our success is the concentration of over 170 dedicated personnel including many of the world's leading engineers in Newtown, Mid Wales focused on the design of AC and DC Drives and Servos for use in virtually every industrial manufacturing processes.

As part of Emerson, Control Techniques benefits from a huge pool of knowledge in all aspects of Motor, Power Electronics, Automation and Process Control.


  • A product and technology planning process which links Product, Technology, Procurement, Manufacturing and Sales¬†
  • A new product development procedure proven to bring the right product to market at the right time
  • Procedures to ensure that the combined knowledge and experience of the company is leveraged to ensure reliability in operation, and ease of use
  • All product software is written and controlled in accordance with our software development procedureResearch & Development which is approved by the Emerson Software Centre of Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Fully integrated Mechanical and Electrical CAD
  • Comprehensive Simulation tools including Power and Control circuit analysis and thermal flow
  • Fully equipped type test facilities including "walk in" thermal chambers, thermal imaging cameras, data logging, supply distortion simulators...
  • Fully specified and approved EMC Laboratory
  • Comprehensive load test facilities from fractional kW through to the largest powers at voltages up to 690V
  • Life Test Rigs where standard production product is run 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

The Drive Centre network provides invaluable feedback to our engineers to enable Control Techniques to maintain its lead in the drives market. With product lifecycles becoming shorter and technology developing rapidly, the ability to focus drive design through a controlled environment to respond to these advances is critical. Control Techniques will continue to invest heavily in its purpose built Research and Development facility in Newtown to maintain and enhance its position in the world market.