Control Techniques South Africa

Control Techniques Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

A leader in intelligent drives and drive systems

Originally founded as Siliconics in 1981 and specialised in the supply of variable speed drives, soft starters and power control systems predominantly into the Southern African mining industry. In 1998 Control Techniques completed the acquisition of Siliconics and the company became Control Techniques South Africa (Pty) LTD.
A part of Emerson Industrial Automation, Control Techniques has a single minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives. Our drives are used to control motors in a wide range of applications; from precision machines to high performance elevators and from cranes to fans.
Whatever the application, Control Techniques drives deliver an effective solution to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Business without borders

Control Techniques is a global player with manufacturing and engineering and development facilities in both Europe and Asia. Drive & Application Centres in over 50 locations across 35 countries offer customers local technical sales, service and design expertise, many also offer a comprehensive system design and build service.
Control Techniques Southern Africa provides excellent service and support throughout Africa.

Our expertise is in your industry

Our experience and expertise in a broad range of applications allows us to work with you to maximise the performance of your machinery. Together we can deliver the advantage that you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.
Control Techniques SA has successfully completed projects with many of the major local companies and we have substantial local expertise in the following industry sectors:

  • Mining
  • Cranes
  • Steel processing and Manufacture
  • Lifts
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Paper processing
  • Water and Wastewater
  • HVAC/R
  • Cable Manufacture