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Control Techniques - A unique set of benefits

Control Techniques, a division of Emerson, designs, manufactures and sells drives for controlling motors. Using innovative technologies, Control Techniques offers a premium product range backed-up by a global sales and technical network with expertise and support in over 60 countries. Control Techniques brings a unique set of benefits to OEMs, System Integrators and End-Users alike.

A long and productive life

To achieve premium reliability and build quality, Control Techniques drives are designed using advanced design and simulation methods together with comprehensive type testing. They are manufactured using high quality materials and components, ensuring the robustness and performance of your drive over a long and productive life.

Drive performance is in our DNA

The Unidrive, Mentor and Commander brands are synonymous with motor performance. Control Techniques have an established reputation for unbeatable closed loop and servo drive technology. Our Rotor Flux Control (RFC) algorithm gives near closed loop performance with open loop AC motor installations.

Easy to use

Control Techniques products are designed to be easy to fit, connect and configure. Auto tune algorithms take the time and complexity out of tuning to give great performance with minimal effort. Easy to use software tools provide a friendly and functional user interface for configuration, troubleshooting and backing up drive settings.

Integrated IntelligenceProduct Range

Control Techniques drives are intelligent; for example, Unidrive SP features an integrated programmable controller. Onboard intelligence can significantly increase the overall system performance and often allows the removal of external programmable logic controllers and motion controllers, reducing costs and the cabinet size.

Twenty four - seven

Our fieldbus connectivity options allow the drives to integrate seamlessly with virtually any new or existing automation system. Ethernet allows remote drive access for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting across the globe 24/7.

Always small enough to fit

Control Techniques products are among the most compact on the market. The Commander SK and Unidrive SP ranges employ an SMC thermo-setting plastic chassis to reduce the size and weight and increase the mechanical strength of the drive.

All around the world, just around the corner

Control Techniques is a global player with manufacturing and engineering and development facilities in Europe, America and Asia. Our Drive and Application Centres in 54 locations in 31 countries offer local technical sales, service and design expertise, many also offer a comprehensive system design, build and commissioning service. A network of distributors covers a further 38 countries.

Engineers like to talk to engineers

Market research has shown that customers choose Control Techniques because they have confidence in our ability to provide solutions where product performance and quality support are most highly valued. Our approach to the market via Drive Centres and highly skilled Distributors gives us a unique insight into your requirements for a wide range of drive applications and industries. This also ensures a skilled engineer is always on hand to speak with.